Group Committee

Our Meeting Nights

Wednesday Night 6:30 pm till 8:00 pm

  • In many cases, all members of a Group Committee are parents of Scouts, but it is worthwhile to
    endeavor to attract people from a wider field and, in this way, to obtain the help of people other than
    those immediately connected with the Group.

    The Group Leader must be the only uniformed member, but must not be chairman. Parents who are also
    Leaders do not become members of the Group Committee, for this can often cause conflict.

    The Group Leader occupies a position of adviser to the Committee with a power of veto which may be
    exercised to keep the activities of the Committee in accordance with the rules of the Association.

    The duties of the President are to take the chair at all meeting of the Committee and to lead the
    Committee in its general function of assisting the Group Leader.

    The duties of the Secretary are to call the meetings of the Group Committee, to draw up an agenda for
    each meeting, to keep minutes of each meeting and to distribute copies, to receive and answer
    correspondence at the direction of the Committee.

    The duties of the Treasurer are to keep a true and proper record of the finances of the Group and to
    present a financial statement at each meeting of the Committee.

    All members of Group Committees are members of the Association and, as such, are bound by the rules
    and policies of the Association. This applies to all the activities of the Group Committee and its
    members when acting in the name of, or on behalf of, the Association.

    Group Committee Leaders